If you are a webmaster trying to save time, money and improve your SEO, our service is for you.Our multi-site control panel allows you to include all of your sites or your client sites, all in one single control panel for ease of SEO management and administration. You can link, your sites manually or automatically. With our webmaster seo tools you can also buy links and you can sell links(earning more money for your business). Webmaster SEO Tools made by webmasters for webmasters. We wanted to simplify a lot of processes and make it painless to do things that all of SEO professionals do anyways. We also provide many other seo tools for webmasters to use. For example, you can check if your link partner is still linking back to you. Another example would be: you will see right away your page rank for each site/page you have added. Some webmasters might require some specialized tools for example if you are using wordpress blog(s) we have seo tool for that too. We have created a plugin to help integrate Trafficfeed into your site running wordpress blog. It is very easy to integrate plugin and you can start using our system in a matter of minutes.

If you don’t have website and want to create one it is the way to go. It is very easy to install wordpress and use it. WordPress is not one of the webmaster seo tools that we provide but once you install plugin you will be able to use all of the webmaster seo tools from TrafficFeed. You can download the wordpress here .

And have we mentioned, that Account from TrafficFeed is Free and it takes only minutes to sign up and start using it.

Please check here for more detailed information on webmaster seo tools we have available at Traffic Feed.com.

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