WordPress is the most common open source script, that is being used by a large number of people on the web. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built on WordPress platform. Every 3rd , 4th site will be WordPress based.

So here is wp-trafficfeed plugin is for those members who have website(s) based on WordPress platform.

If your website is done using WordPress, no worries. No need to add Trafficfeed tool and code manually in your WordPress site, just follow these easy steps.

Download WordPress Plugin

How to install Traffic feed Plugin – Trafficfeed.com Plugin


  1. Upload “wp-trafficfeed” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory (or use WP plugin installer from within your wp admin panel)
  2. Activate the plugin “wp-trafficfeed” through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

How to use this plugin?

  • Within your wordpress admin panel, please….Click on Appearance –> Widgets then on the right hand side select where you would like to place TrafficFeed link in, then drag “TEXT” widget where you would like to use TrafficFeed.
  • Use shortcode for display link exchanges.
  • [TF-SHOW show=”receive_div”]. For displaying page link exchanges
  • [TF-SHOW show=”receive_dir”]. For displaying Link directory
  • Click “Save” after you have included the code, etcAs simple as that. If you have any questions or having difficulties, please open support ticket, we are here to help.

Link Window

  • All exchanges for particular page will display.
    (only for that page, you can put one link on one page and 2 different links on another page and system will only put what you have specified)

Link Directory

  • All of the exchanges will show on page where you will use this short code [TF-SHOW show=”receive_dir”].
Note : You can use short code in text widget , page and post, just place the short code and you are done. So if you want to place links of your partners inside a blog post you can do that, and just place one link or multiple links (up to you) . Similarly you can place link(s) on page(s) that you choose to.
(VERY USEFUL Not to clutter one page or post with too many links and what ever you select to appear from your trafficfeed account will appear on that particular page)

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