About TrafficFeed.com Automatic Link Exchange and SEO System

What about Trafficfeed.com system that you should know…TrafficFeed is a system that facilitates, for its users, ability to exchange links with millions of other users. It is designed in such a way that their website remains spam proof and classic in both look and performance. TrafficFeed allows the user to get links posted manually as well as automatically and that too as per his niche with 100% relevance. The system also provides the user an option to choose the total number of links he wishes to exchange per page, per site, and per day. User can also buy and sell links. All of the features

Penguin Guidelines:

  • Links only to relevant sites
  • Spam proof
  • Links from different IPs
  • Allows user to approve links

We have started to design something that we can use ourselves and we’ve ended up reinventing the wheel and making it very easy and painless to do SEO for your site or your client’s site. If you have never done seo our system will help you. As mentioned earlier user has full control of all aspects related to links as well as other Seo requirements. Automatic Link Exchange is one of the features that will allow user to make sure his site is getting what it needs and it is not a spam or link farm pages. You will actually get links from relevant sites to yours. It will place links on the page or pages you have specified and will make sure not to go over the limits that are set. If your link partner has removed the link, system will remove link from your site automatically. All controls are in the same control panel for all of your sites.

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