In Addition To The Tools Described Bellow we have also added a lot more for all of our members free and paid login and Enjoy!!!


Here is the list of tools we have added in addition to the ones we already had:

Backlinks and Ranks Related:
Backlink Checker
Backlink Compare
Backlink Prediction
Competition Checker
PageRank Checker
PageRank Compare
PageRank Prediction

Keyword and Meta Related:
Keyword Generator
Keyword Cleaner
Meta Tag Extractor
Meta Tag Generator
Robots.txt Builder

Compatibility Related:
Browser Details
Mobile Checker
Header Checker

Source and Reference Related:
Email Obfuscator
Link Analysis
Source Code Viewer
Webpage Size Checker

DNS and Web Related:
Robot Preview
Website Speed Test
What is My IP?

Lookups Related:
Whois Lookup
Indexed Pages Lookup
Blog Mentions Lookup
Blacklist Lookup

Traffic Feed SEO Tools

SEO Tools Overview – #1:

Auto-exchange – Automatic Link Exchange

One of the seo tools, is our own proprietary seo tool – auto-exchange. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Our own auto-exchange service or automatic link exchange, allows you to exchange links in automatic mode. You only have to choose a category of sites which to exchange links with and their minimum PR among few other things. The system will do the rest: pick suitable partners from available exchange pool, carry it out and closely monitor presence of each reciprocal link and its conformity to conditions of an auto-exchange. If reciprocal link will disappear Trafficfeed will automatically drop link from the other side of the exchange.

The main Feature of the Site is our own patented technology –   a true Automatic Link Exchange.            (System allows you to set up your site in such way where you don’t need to do exchange manually.(you will still have an option to do it in non-automatic mode if you choose) You will set auto-exchange settings and system will do everything for you, using our proprietary technology)

  • Auto Exchange settings are set in your control panel. This is the place where you can change settings related to each site’s auto-exchange. First of all you can select which site and pages will  participate in auto-exchange and  if you choose to participate in auto-exchange or not… You set criteria here and system automatically exchanges links for you based on settings specified. If you would like to only exchange between your own sites system will allow you to just that. You can set criteria and system will exchange links between sites in your own account.

    (All of your sites can be set on auto-exchange and let the system handle everything for you, you can just monitor the progress and make adjustments if any needed.)

SEO Tools Overview – #2:

Multi-site Management Control Panel

This Seo Tool which will save any webmaster with multiple sites a ton of time, effort and money. Control all of your sites from one account. Link them together, check reciprocal links, find partners – all from one account.
(Control all of your sites or your customer sites from one control panel. Each site has it own settings, which makes it a breeze to manage.)

SEO Tools Overview – #3:

Advanced catalogue or Catalogue Exchange

The advanced catalogue allows you to simplify the process choosing a site or sites for an exchange.

  • By categories
  • By Google PR
  • By titles and META-tags
  • By keywords

Besides, the catalogue will instantaneously let you know, whether you can carry out an exchange with selected site(s) or not. And if you can – why wait? You can carry out an exchange right there from the catalogue.

(Helps you find partners within TrafficFeed system. )

SEO Tools Overview – #3:

System Integration

System Integration  – allows you to safely integrate the system into your site(s),  where links will appear. We have provided and option to integrate Link Directory into each site and user can select what is suitable for his or her business or project.

(Install the system on any of your site(s) and on any page(s). You don’t have to create a link farm or spam one page with 100s of l inks. Since all of your pages and sites are controlled from one place you can manage all of them with ease)

SEO Tools Overview – #4:

Messaging function

Wish to discuss details of an exchange with the owner of a site personally? No problems. Write him a letter. It will be completely anonymous and will get delivered to the destination.

SEO Tools Overview – #5:

Tech Support

Technical support center will answer any and all of your question and will try to solve any of your problem related to Trafficfeed.

SEO Tools Overview – #6:

Mass addition

Mass addition tool will allow you to include all of the links at once. Instead of long and tiresome form filling, you can use Mass Addition tool to enter all of them at once or import from a text file.

This is a very useful tool if you are transferring links from another program. All you need to do is to select category where you want to import links, select file or include code, and click ok.

EXAMPLE (please use proper  spacing):

  • < a href=””>link1 title link1 description
  • < a href=””>link2 title link2 description(If you ever used other methods of link exchange, etc. and have a lot of partners that you need to transfer over to our system. No problem. Mass addition will help you mass add those partners into the system with ease)

SEO Tools Overview – #7:

Submit links by form

Thanks to the external form exchange system that we provide you with. And which you place on your site, even those who do not have an account with Trafficfeed system can exchange links with you. Thus allowing you to take full advantage of all of the system’s resources such as : to check presence of the reciprocal link, site’s PR, etc..
(External form allowing you to get link leads from outside of TrafficFeed)

SEO Tools Overview – #8:

ABC Exchange or ABC Linking

It’s well known, that «one-way» links weigh more then «crossed»/reciprocal linking. This principle is used in ABC-linking.

Having ability to use this function, you can essentially increase the efficiency of link exchange. In this mode link from site A pointing to site B and link from site B is pointing to site C and from site C pointing to site A.

Similarly to classical Trafficfeed auto-exchange, the system monitors the presence of all the links and its conformity to conditions of an exchange.
(Almost like one way links. If sites on different IPs will basically work as a one way link)


SEO Tools Overview – #9:

Privacy Lists

Privacy Lists allowing you to control who you do and don’t deal with. Here you can specify who ever you would like to block out from doing business with you.

(Complete control of who you deal and don’t want to deal with)

SEO Tools Overview – #10:

Manual Exchange

Manual Exchange allows you to exchange links with non-members of the system. From the same user control panel you can exchange links with everyone who is not part of the Trafficfeed System.

(You want to exchange with your buddy Bob and he is not part of TrafficFeed yet, no problem – you can do that using this tool)

SEO Tools Overview – #11:

Manual ABC Exchange

Another great Seo Tool is Manual ABC Exchange allows you to do ABC Exchange with non-members of the system. Similarly to the Manual Exchange Manual ABC Exchange will allow you to exchange links with non-members of system using ABC exchange method.

(You want to do ABC exchange with your buddy Bob and he is not part of TrafficFeed yet, no problem – you can do that using this tool)

SEO Tools Overview – #12:

Buy/Sell Ads-Links

Buy/Sell Ads-Links – Allows you to advertisement on your site. Selling links will allow you to earn money. Buying links will allow you to get traffic to your site.

(Have space on your site for Link Ads ? People who needs traffic will be willing to pay money for this space. Or if you need more traffic you can buy a space for you link on somebody’s page)

SEO Tools Overview – #13:

Bank Account

Bank Account – allows user to add and withdraw funds from his/her account.

SEO Tools Overview – #14:

Link Requests

Link Requests – this is where you can see all of the link exchange requests that are coming through, that require your attention and approval.

(You are in control of who you exchange links with. You can review your link exchange requests here and approve them…or not)

And much more, like ability to set colors of the links, text to match your site design. Just go ahead sign up if you have not done so already.

We have created a video to make it easier for webmasters to see what tools we have.

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