“FINALLY! A 100% Automated System For
High Quality PR Backlinks That Skyrockets YourSearch Engine Rankings and Takes Targeted Traffic…

To a Whole New Level!

This is the Proprietary SEO Tool That Top-Level Marketers
Don’t Want You To Discover

Every great Internet marketer and their dog have probably tried various link exchanges in the past. In fact, over the years, they have gotten a bad reputation

Or, many fear them because they think the big “G” (Google) will drop them from the search engines like a dead fly.

But here’s a little secret about getting QUALITY PR

backlinks you need to know…

They can make or break the success of your website, and you’re SALES.

When you exchange high quality links with sites that have relevancy to your website, the search engines will simply GO NUTS for your site and reward you with higher rankings.

This equals more traffic, and more sales for you!

But here’s the real problem. Most link exchange companies or
software systems are nearly ALL THE SAME…

That is until now…

Meet TrafficFeed: One of THE most powerful, purely automated, link exchange tools that most marketers have only dreamed about.

Don’t ever be fooled again by cheap imitations. TrafficFeed is a proprietary SEO tool that features patented technology giving you a dead-simple link exchange system all under ONE roof!

The exhausting days of manually adding and exchanging powerful backlinks links are long gone…

TrafficFeed takes link exchange to a whole new level of automated simplicity. Using our unique Automatic Link Exchange, now finding high quality sites to exchange links with is now fully automated (or in non-automatic mode if you choose).

You can choose sites from our advanced catalogue or catalogue exchange. Choose targeted websites that match your website…

  • By Subject Categories
  • By Google PR Rank
  • By Titles and Meta-Tags
  • By Keywords

You will find out right away if sites are available to exchange with you or not. If they are available, you can do an exchange INSTANTLY!

You are in 100% control of all settings, including the specific criteria on which sites you would want to exchange links with (or if you even want to participate in auto-exchange).

Once you are setup, TrafficFeed takes over and does all the tedious and labor intensive work for you…

Here’s Exactly How TrafficFeed Will

TRANSFORM The Way You Get Backlinks…

  • LOCATE TARGETED LINK PARTNERS: TrafficFeed will carefully pick out link partners from our unique pool of high PR websites that best match your requirements.
  • 100% AUTOMATED LINK EXCHANGE: Everything is automated. TrafficFeed will lock into sites that will work great for your site, and carry out the exchange for you.
  • MONITOR ALL EXCHANGES: Once your link exchange has occurred, TrafficFeed will carefully monitor the presence of each reciprocal link and make sure it conforms to all requirements. If the link disappears, TrafficFeed will automatically drop the link from the other side of the exchange pool.
  • MULTI-SITE MANAGEMENT: That’s right, you can control all of your sites under one master account. This saves you a ton of time and most of all, money.
  • EASY WEBSITE INTEGRATION: Our simple System Integration will easily integrate with your websites where the links will appear. No fuss. No worries.
  • EXPERT TECH SUPPORT: If you ever have any question or technical issues, we are here to resolve it for you. Period.
  • MASS ADDITION TOOL: This powerful tool will allow you to include ALL of the links at one time! Instead of filling out form after form, you can use the Mass Addition tool to enter in all info in one shot! Or import from a text file if you wish!
  • THE POWER OF ABC LINKING: ABC-Linking are simply one-way links that have much more weight vs. two-way reciprocal links. With the ABC Exchange, you can link from site A to site B to site C and back to site A. Of course, these links are also closely monitored.
  • PRIVACY LISTS: Now you get full control of who you allow to link to you. This includes blocking businesses that you don’t want to deal with.
  • EXCHANGE WITH NON-MEMBERS: Have you found websites you want to partner with but they are not in the system? No problem! The Manual Exchange option allows you to exchange with who you want! This includes ABC link exchanges as well!
  • MAKE CASH WITH AD-LINKS: That’s right, the Buy/Sell Ads-Links feature allows you to advertise links on your site. Selling links will allow you to earn passive income. Buying links will allow you to get highly targeted traffic. It’s a win-win situation!
  • KEEP TRACK OF ALL LINK REQUESTS: In your main control panel, you will be able to clearly see where link exchange requests are coming from and those that need your approval. You can even set the color of the links to match the design of your website!

Are You Ready?

Go ahead. Give it a try for FREE.

Take TrafficFeed for a test drive and see what it can do for you…



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Trafficfeed Highlights

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  • Integrate Trafficfeed into your wordpress site with Traffic Feed Wordpress Plugin
  • Trafficfeed will take care of all your link exchanges trafficfeed tools
  • Earn $ sell links. We will provide the platform and will show you how.

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